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The Contract

1. The ElecBoy TotalCover Extended Warranty (“the Contract”) provides replacement for your product (“Product”) if found defective within the term of the Contract and after expiry of the manufacturer’s original warranty (“Extended Warranty Period”).  The words “we,” “us” and “our” refer to ElecBoy and “you” and “your” is the purchaser of this replacement plan. The coverage is for mechanical and electrical breakdown to the extent provided by the manufacturer’s written warranty of the Product and it is only valid for the use of the Product in Hong Kong.  The Product must be a newly purchased product from ElecBoy and the purchase of this replacement plan must be made on the same date of the Product purchase. This Contract is applicable only to Products which are purchased for domestic and personal use in Hong Kong. If they are used for other purposes, the Contract will be void (save for desk-top computers and printers, which are also covered if they are for domestic and personal use or office use). The term of the Contract is from the purchase date up to a maximum of two (2) years after expiry of the manufacturer’s original warranty as set out in the sales receipt issued by us.  Any alteration on the original sales receipt will void the Contract. If your Product is replaced by the 10-day Money Back Guarantee, the original Contract shall be void and ElecBoy shall issue a new Contract to you accordingly.  Terms of the 10-day Money Back Guarantee are available at www.elecsboy.com.hk under the Terms and Conditions section for your record. This Contract is a service contract and it is not a guarantee or promise in relation to the nature of the material, workmanship or performance of the Product.


After Expiry of Manufacturer’s Original Warranty

2. When Product failure occurs due to an electrical or mechanical breakdown in the Extended Warranty Period, you will need to raise a service request via ElecBoy service portal –
https://warranty.elecboy.com.hk/service-request/portal/login. ElecBoy’s designated third party representative(s) will arrange for the collection of the Product from you and we will determine whether the service request is under the coverage of this Contract. On confirmation of the above, you will, at your own choice, either get a brand new product as replacement (“Replacement Product”), or, an eVoucher worth 30% of your original purchase price of the Product which can be used for your purchase of other products from ElecBoy. The provision of the service under the Contract is subject to Clause 8 of the Exclusions below.


3. Please make sure that you have backed up and deleted all information/data from your Product. All information/data of your Product may be deleted by ElecBoy and ElecBoy shall not be responsible for any loss of information/data stored in the Product.


4. Once the Product is replaced or an eVoucher is offered, the Contract will automatically terminate.  The Contract will automatically terminate if the body or the accessories is replaced, or both the body and the accessories are replaced in accordance with the terms of the Contract. If the Product is replaced or eVoucher is offered by ElecBoy, the Product shall become the property of ElecBoy and ElecBoy recommends you purchase a new ElecBoy Extended Warranty contract for the Replacement Product to enjoy similar services.

Record Keeping

5. Although ElecBoy maintains a record of the Contract, we recommend that you place these documents in a safe place.


Product Replacement

6(a)Within the Extended Warranty Period, you are entitled to our services in getting a Replacement Product, which will be either the same as the Product or a new product of similar model, or like kind specifications and quality as designated by ElecBoy at its sole discretion. The value of the Replacement Product will be up to the purchase price (“Replacement Value”) that you paid for the Product. The provision of our services is subject to the Exclusions from Coverage under Clause 8 below.

6(b). Alternatively, you may opt for a eVoucher worth 30% of the  original purchase price of the Product,  which you may use to purchase another appliance of your choice from ElecBoy.


7. Under no circumstances shall the services extend to cover any loss or damage to a person or property for any loss of profit, incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages or any direct or indirect loss including but not limited to losses incurred due to any delay in rendering service under this Contract.


8. Exclusions from the Extended Warranty Replacement Plan

  • Products that are still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty, repairer’s warranty or any other warranty in effect.
  • Any defects that are subject to manufacturer’s recalls.
  • Manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance, inspection, cleaning, lubrication, external adjustments.
  • Non-operating and cosmetic items, paint, color or product finish; accessories used in or with the eligible Product; external cables and cords; glass and lens; add on options incorporated; unauthorized modifications made to the Product; failure to follow manufacturer’s installation, operation or maintenance instructions.  Any items not affecting the Product’s function.
  • Software (including operating system and any stored data), defects resulting directly from software installation and or removal, computer virus, virus prevention, and other peripherals.  Repairs to hardware that has been added after the Product’s original purchase.
  • Consumables such as batteries (embedded battery excepted), ribbons, toner and ink cartridges, stylus, memory cards, bulbs and diskettes, etc.
  • External faults such as wiring, electrical connection, realigning of signal receivers (poor receptions), and consequential loss of any kind.
  • Accidental or physical damage to the Product; burglary or theft of the Product; spilled liquids, corrosion, animal and insect infestation, Fungi, wear and tear, gradual deterioration including but not limited to moisture and oxidation, misuse, abuse, or damage to the Product caused by non-authorized repair personnel.  Fungi shall mean any type or form of fungus, including but not limited to, all forms of mold or mildew, and any mycotoxins, spores, scents, vapors, gas, or substance, including any by-products, produced or released by “Fungi”.
  • Diagnosis where no defect has been found or noted.
  • Defects and on-site service charges not covered under the manufacturer’s primary written warranty.
  • Shipping or delivery charges, express service charges, transportation damage; Products on loan during repair process.
  • Rental, use for profits or Product transfer to retail outlets
In case of any disputes, ElecBoy reserves the right to exercise its final decision.  In case of inconsistencies between the English and Chinese version of the Contract, the English version shall prevail.