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ElecBoy Sustainability Milestone

ElecBoy upholds Sustainability as one of our core values when operating business. We aim to save more energy and create less waste in different parts of the online business journey. ElecBoy will continue to uphold this value to support for earth's long term growth!


Feb 2021:
Encourage Reuse of Delivery Box

We hope customer can reuse the delivery box after receiving the order, so we have prepared videos to teach customers how to DIY the delivery box. Click here to watch the video!

Feb 2021:
Use of Digital Receipt

ElecBoy is using digital receipt to replace paper receipt to prevent unnecessary waste. Customer can download the receipt in order history!

Dec 2021:
Introduced Eco-friendly Product

ElecBoy hopes to offer more "Green" products to customer, so we have introduced different eco-friendly products including brands like Ecology, Stojo and Zuperzozial etc. Buy Now!

Feb 2022:
Changed to Biodegradable Delivery Bag

ElecBoy will start using 100% Biodegradable delivery bag in 2022. Also, the bag size has been redesigned to prevent unnecessary space, offering better protection and save more materials.