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1. 參加「四電一腦」回收計劃
2. 利用社區回收計劃「綠在區區」
3. 捐贈舊電視
如果您的舊電視仍然功能正常,您可以考慮捐贈給有需要的家庭或非牟利機構,如: 明愛、香港青年協會、保良局等。在捐贈之前,請確保電視的功能正常並進行清潔。您可以聯繫這些機構瞭解捐贈的詳細要求和回收點的位置。
4. 出售或轉讓
如果您的舊電視仍然有價值,您可以考慮將其出售至二手市場。利用二手交易平台(如Carousell、Facebook Marketplace)可以方便地找到潛在的買家。在發布出售信息時,請拍攝電視的照片並描述其狀況,以吸引更多的買家。另外,您還可以尋找二手電器收購公司,他們專業上門收購舊電視,這樣可以減少您的麻煩。然而,這種方式的回收價格可能較低,但可以節省您的時間和精力。


• 資料清理,確保舊電視上的個人資料被刪除。清除電視上的應用程序和賬號信息,防止個人隱私外洩。

• 檢查舊電視的功能與狀態,確保電視能正常開機和運作。如果發現故障,考慮修理或回收處理。

• 安全運送與搬運建議。在搬運過程中,要小心包裝電視,以防止損壞。使用原廠包裝盒或厚實的紙箱,確保電視的安全運送。

• 確保電視的所有附件(如遙控器、電線等)都完好無損。收集所有相關附件,放在一起,以方便後續處理或捐贈。

• 對可能存在的危險材料(如電池、電線等)進行妥善處理。電池應單獨回收,以避免對環境造成污染。



【Old Television Disposal Guide】
Donation, Recycling, and Resale Strategies

Today, the proper disposal of old televisions has become increasingly important. This article will explore why it is necessary to handle old TVs appropriately and discuss different disposal methods. This not only relates to the importance of environmental protection but also involves the potential impact of old televisions on the environment and health.

Methods for Handling Old Televisions

1. Participate in the "Four Electrical Appliances Recycling Program"
The "Four Electrical Appliances Recycling Program" is a government-initiated recycling program that covers televisions, computers, air conditioners, and other electrical appliances. Participating in the program is simple. When you purchase a new television, you can enjoy free old television recycling services. The store will provide a silver sticker label for you to attach to the old television, and then they will arrange for doorstep collection. The benefit of this program is that it reduces electronic waste generation while ensuring the proper and environmentally friendly disposal of old televisions.
2. Utilize the "Green in the Community" Recycling Program
"Green in the Community" is a community recycling program launched by the Environmental Protection Department, which offers convenient locations for citizens to return their old televisions. Community recycling centers and scheduled mobile collection points make it easy to recycle old televisions. After recycling, the televisions are dismantled and reused. Participants in the program can also earn points to exchange for household items, making it an environmentally friendly and rewarding option.
3. Donate the Old Television
If your old television is still functioning properly, you can consider donating it to families in need or nonprofit organizations such as Caritas, Hong Kong Youth Association, Po Leung Kuk, etc. Before donating, ensure that the television is in good working condition and clean. You can contact these organizations to learn about specific donation requirements and the locations of collection points.
4. Sell or Transfer
If your old television still holds value, you can consider selling it in the second-hand market. Utilize online platforms like Carousell or Facebook Marketplace to easily find potential buyers. When posting the sale information, take photos of the television and describe its condition to attract more buyers. Additionally, you can search for second-hand appliance acquisition companies that specialize in purchasing old televisions, which can save you the hassle. However, keep in mind that the recycling price through this method may be lower, but it can save you time and effort.

Notes for Old Television Disposal

• Data Cleaning: Ensure that personal data on the old television is deleted. Clear applications and account information to prevent privacy leaks.

• Check Functionality and Condition: Ensure that the old television can turn on and operate properly. If any malfunctions are found, consider repair or recycling.

• Safe Transportation and Handling: Take care when packaging and moving the television to prevent damage. Use the original packaging box or a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe transportation.

• Preserve Accessories: Ensure that all television accessories (remote control, cables, etc.) are intact. Collect all relevant accessories together for convenient handling or donation.

• Proper Handling of Hazardous Materials: Dispose of hazardous materials such as batteries and wires separately to avoid environmental pollution.

Each individual can choose the most suitable method for handling their old televisions based on their own circumstances. By ensuring the legal and environmentally friendly disposal of old televisions, we can reduce electronic waste generation and contribute to building a sustainable society. Together, let's make a difference for the environment and work towards a greener future.