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親愛的顧客 Dear Customer: 

多謝你登記成為電器幫會員!恭喜你,你已獲得會員迎新獎賞:OK便利店HKD20電子現金券!請於結帳時向OK便利店店員出示以下QR Code以兌換優惠:

Thank you for your registration as ElecBoy member! Congratulations! You have received a welcome gift: Circle K Convenience Stores HKD20 e-coupon! Please present the below QR code to the Circle K staff before payment to redeem the e-coupon:

OK便利店 $20 電子現金券
Circle K Convenience Store $20 e-coupon

條款及細則Terms and Conditions:
- 此電子現金券有效期至2022年08月31日,逾期無效。This e-coupon is valid till 31 August 2022.

- 此電子現金券不適用作八達通增值,購買電子充值券或繳付賬單。This e-coupon cannot be used for reloading Octopus, purchasing electronic recharge vouchers and paying bills.

- 此電子現金券只適用於香港特別行政區之OK便利店。This e-coupon is redeemable at all Circle K located in HKSAR.

- 此電子禮劵不可兌換現金或退換。This e-coupon cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged.

- 此現金券之二維碼只可使用一次 。The QR code at e-coupon is valid for one-time use only.

- 此電子禮劵必須於購物付款前出示及使用,過後恕不受理。The e-coupon must be presented before payment. No retrospective arrangement will be made.

- 超過電子禮劵金額部分需要補回差價;不足電子禮劵金額部分不得找零。If the purchase amount has exceeded the e-coupon amount. Customers will need to pay the price different.  No change shall be provided if the purchase amount is less than the e-coupon amount.

- 如有任何關於此電子現金券內容的查詢,可電郵至電器幫: hello@elecboy.com.hk。For any enquiries, please email to ElecBoy: hello@elecboy.com.hk

- 如有任何爭議,電器幫及OK 便利店保留更改有關使用此現金券規則的權利。In case of any dispute, ElecBoy and Circle K Convenience Stores (HK) Limited reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions in relation to the use of this e-coupon.