When will I receive points after my purchase?
Your points will never expire unless you delete your account.
Will my points expire?
You will be able to earn member points for every purchase.  Member points earned in any one purchase will be valid for one year, and will become invalid upon expiry. So long as there is purchase with your account within the year from the last purchase, member points earned will be automatically extended for one year periods.
What if my points are not credited after I receive the goods?
If you still haven’t received your points after 10 working days after receiving your order, complete the issue report form and our customer service specialist will follow up with you as soon as possible.
What if I forget to apply the coupon code during payment?
The coupon code for ElecBoy members must be used at the time of payment and will not be accepted after payment.
Want to know more about member reward information?
You can visit the Member section to know more about it.